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Cuna de Piedra Chocolate
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How does a Mexican chocolate maker, Cuna de Piedra, committed to the Slow Food movement end up in a fast food restaurant? Why did two young professionals with backgrounds in food engineering and design, use fine chocolate as a means to honor their cultural heritage?  

Enrique Perez and Vicky Gonzalez share a commitment to raising the profile of heirloom ingredients indigenous to Mexico as well as the role of cacao in the history of their culture. They are the next generation of fine chocolate entrepreneurs forming partnerships to strengthen the value chain and preserving heirloom foods with a modern approach. 

Dr. Lee Scott Theisen, aka @chocolate_guru on Instagram will delve into the answers to these questions with Cuna de Piedra's Enrique Perez, Mariana Garza and Jorge Llanderal as they discuss:

Honoring tradition and bringing it forward

Heirloom ingredients

Shake Shack partnership

Bonbons with a sense of place

Drinking chocolate and molinillo