Product Page - Positive Impact of Couverture Made at Origin
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Positive Impact of Couverture Made at Origin
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Have you considered where couverture is produced in addition to who made it? Join Dale Erwin from Conexion Chocolate, as he shares more about their business model, working hand-in-hand with cacao farmers, who produce incredible cacao. Conexion Chocolate works with five different cooperatives to source cacao for their bars and couvertures. Each cooperative brings a unique flavor profile or terroir to the chocolate due to their location in the country. During this session Dale will talk about: 1. Value Addition 2. Traceability 3. Commitment to paying fair prices to their producers, the empowerment of women, involving young people in the sector (generational relief), and incentivizing education. By sourcing directly from cacao cooperatives and working together on projects, they are the connection between hard-working producers in Ecuador and professionals and chocolate lovers all over the world.