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Cacao Traceability for Chocolatiers
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Join co-founders of the International Chocolate Awards Maricel Presilla and Martin Christy for a presentation on cacao traceability for chocolatiers. For 2021-22 the International Chocolate Awards (ICA) has relaunched their filled chocolate competitions as “Craft Chocolatier Competitions”, to celebrate and champion the chocolate makers and companies using cacao with an identifiable and traceable source. Chocolatier, Isabel Garcia Nevett will join to share her experience as a participant, along with Denise Castronovo of Castronovo Chocolate. ICA will now only accept dark and milk chocolate in any category with a declared and traceable source for the cacao. Couverture and blends are still acceptable, provided that the source of each cacao used is also declared. The sourcing information can either be public or declared in confidence with the Awards. (Note: this rule does not currently apply to white chocolate or cocoa butter). This change brings the chocolatier entries inline with bean-to-bar competitions, which celebrate and support the work of the growers, chocolate makers and all the supporting industries working to produce the world’s best chocolate products.